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Free $250 Grocery Gift Card

Well I don’t know whether you had noticed, but the price of groceries seems to have done nothing but go up and up recently. I guess the price of gas is the main reason, as most things are affected by the price of gas, due to transport costs.   

Anyway, did you know it is possible to get a free grocery gift card? I have found this great offer from Consumer Incentive Promotions, where they will give you a free $250 Grocery Gift Card that you can use at your favorite grocery store. Simply select your favorite store, and enter your zip code, to see if you are eligible.   

If you search around the internet you can find many deals to save money. Have you tried searching for printable grocery coupons? Always worth trying. You may have to spend a bit of time to qualify for the offers you can find, and only you can decide if it is worth your time, but if you are time rich, and money poor, you can save yourself a lot of money just by spending a bit of time looking. For instance, want a $250 Gas Card? Click here to see if you are eligible.   

Another way to save money on groceries is to look out for the deals that supermarkets run. If you are a canny shopper you can save lots of money by buying in bulk when your supermarket is running a deal on a product, and it will make your $250 Grocery Gift Card last even longer! Do remember though, that it is only a bargain if you would have bought it anyway, and are now getting it at a cheaper price.  

For more helpful hints and tips on making your free grocery gift card last longer, have a look at the articles I have found. 

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